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APEGS report is mainly stands for Associations of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Saskatchewan. It is basically a work experience reporting which consist of 34 elements. In these elements, there are 5 competency elements related to project and financial management, 10 elements related to technical competence, 2 elements related to team effectiveness, personal accountabilities has 6 competencies, communication has 3 competencies, Continuous Professional Development (CPD) has 3 competencies and social, economic, environmental and sustainability has 5 competencies.

There are various organizations which evaluate work experience reporting and in British Columbia, there is APEGBC which is Association of Professional Engineering and Geoscientists which specifically allows training engineers to apply in Canada. The province introduced a recent process which is based on providing competency report writing assessment methods for increasing the P.Eng designation proficiency in Canada. APEGBC has set a criterion which are needed to be sustained from the engineering competency assessment writing system. It specifically ensures that these assessments specifically assist in fulfilling the requirement of public interest. It also includes reliable, organized and reasonable registration process.

At APEGS Report Canada, you’ll get your experience validated in cost friendly manner. We only charge one time fee of $500 for the complete report in which our expert defines each element in a thorough manner with the special consideration made on your experience.

If you are living in United States and a Professional Engineer along with up to date record with the NCEES, the record is adequate for experience reporting, academic documents and references. Thus, there would only be the requirement of submitting experience reporting for the APEGS form. There is the competency assessment guide present on APEGS Canada portal for validators, assessors and applicants.

Professional Engineering Competency Assessment Writing under APEGBC

It is considered as the capability requirement for achieving the provided tasks and responsibilities acknowledged from the communities and the employees in the industry mainly work for meeting the projected standards. The APEGSBC requires work-related capabilities with the competency assessment and experiences mainly accompanies from intense details which are mandatory to be present in professional engineers. It reflects practices which are safe and effective in nature. The new process only need their engineers for fulfilling the competencies rather than writing lengthy experience reports and the process is more dynamic order based on the underneath elements:

  • Personal continuing professional development (CPD)
  • Economic, social and environmental continuity
  • Professional responsibilities
  • Financial and project management
  • Teamwork
  • Technical capabilities
  • Communication skills

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