APEGS Work Experience Reporting in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, what is Work Experience Reporting?

APEGS would like you to learn the project-related role and basic knowledge throughout your work experience. Each point consists primarily of assertions in a single tense. Furthermore, when implementing the project in Bangladesh for work experience reporting. If you are a professional engineer in Bangladesh and have an up-to-date NCEES record, your NCEES record will suffice for experience reporting, references, and academic documentation. It is also advised to include a single project example in several report sections, and it is required to include a variety of experiences in the report to demonstrate current skills and knowledge.

How to Do Experience Reporting in Bangladesh: Guidelines and Instructions:

If you have legitimate professional engineering experience in Bangladesh and also have an NCEES history, you do not need to go through this job experience review process. You do not need to go through this job experience review process if you have authentic professional engineering experience in Bangladesh and an NCEES history.

How to get approval for APEGS?

Make a track of all work understanding and expert advancement exercises in a configuration that was acceptable for constructing connection, and it is also encouraged to acquire the planning task when working on enlisting an architect in the planning.

Reasons for rejection of the form:

The main reason of rejection of the APEGS report includes:

  1. Incorrect experience.
  2. Generic information.
  3. Insufficient description of a technical condition.

 Things you should keep in mind:

You are responsible for the following things:

  1. take care of yourself first.
  2. Society and the general public
  3.  Coworkers and peers.
  4. Clients and the employer
  5.  Recognize and support the Association’s societally delegated duty.
  6. Work only in the areas where you are an expert. In regions where you are not self-sufficient, work under the supervision of a skilled engineer.
  7. You should be kind and honest.
  8. Give credit to those who deserve it.
  9. You should be dependable.
  1. You should be capable.
  1. Conflict should be avoided at all costs.

What are the requirements for becoming a Professional Engineer in Bangladesh?

These are the most important requirement for becoming a professional engineer.

  • Education.
  • Experience.
  • Experience reporting.
  • Professional references.
  • Professional practice exam.
  • Professional application.
  • Good personality.
  • Fluency in English.

APEG’S objects in Bangladesh:

In Bangladesh, you must work professionally and with great interest according to the laws. They will provide you various chances to prove yourself as a better engineer.      

How to submit an APEGS report?

The following are the main techniques for submitting your APEGS Reports:

It is preferable to provide the original file by mail. You may also use the scanning method and after that mail it to the official email address of the APEGS. Moreover, you can also use the fax method but usually, they discourage faxing as the quality of fax is not that good and it made it hard for the officials to see and read the report.

The self-evaluation:

 There is a requirement to submit a competency self-evaluation that must be accepted, and the application will be audited within two to four months. It is critical to note that it is signaling positive outcomes.

How to get an APEGS license?

To apply with APEGS, you must submit an engineer-in-training or geoscientist-in-training application together with all required documentation. You must follow the same procedure as everyone else, and your application will be adjudicated in the order in which APEGS receives it.

Who Takes Part in the Experience Review:

Experienced Supervisors and Mentors, as well as members of the Experience Review Committee and Engineers-in-Training, can all collaborate alongside APEGS employees.

Technical Report on Knowledge:

A technical report is a document that contains a specific message that must be followed to complete a given task.

The following are the most important aspects of experience reporting:

1. Clear direction from executives and mentors.

2. Reports with at least three years of experience are essential.

3. Avoid making broad, generic statements that don’t connect to specific initiatives.

Experience reporting keys to success in Bangladesh:

Make sure not to use vague phrases that don’t refer to specific projects, and that the job you completed isn’t clearly expressed, and that the project’s quality is expected to be professional, just like any engineering report, and that no two reports are identical.

Motive or Goal:

The presentation, which can be seen on the APEGS website under Apply, Work Experience, and Reporting, includes fewer report re-submissions and advice letters, as well as general acclimation to the entire experience reporting/review procedure, ensuring that ERC can perform his job.

The character of   Mentor and personality of supervisor:

The mentor should suggest whether the experience is acceptable engineering following the act’s and guideline’s definitions. If this person is a “career” mentor, APEGS is not responsible for the experience review, therefore there is no possibility of a mentoring agreement with pre-grade experience credit. Furthermore, sponsored projects should be completed on time and budget, and the supervisor should recognize that social consequences are an important factor to consider and that each project should be conducted with these considerations in mind.

Theoretical Solicitation:

Decide on proposed projects and estimated corresponding energy loads to check that the projects and anticipated corresponding energy loads were within existing system capacity and would not have any detrimental technological consequences.

Official practice exam:

To be eligible to give an exam, you must be a member-in-training who has submitted one post-bachelors experience report to the APEGS headquarters by the exam application deadline.

Things to remember after submitting your report:

The following points are important and you should keep them in mind after submitting your report:

  1. It takes about 1 to 3 months to receive, review and give remarks about a single report so you need to show patience.
  2. All the details about the report are given through emails and not over calls.
  3. You shouldn’t approach the APEGS headquarters investigating your report, you will be contacted if any issue is detected.

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