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The ability to practice engineering must be impelled by engineering candidate before being provided with a license. Provision of evidence is the obligation of the applicants based on their experiences of their reasoning aptitude to exercise engineering at a proficient level.

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Engineering CBA analysis have been selected from numerous engineering regulators from Canada. British Columbia Engineers and Geoscientists are associated with the CBA development for the applicants’ benefit. In different provinces, a year Pan-Canadian CBA project was made execution from the engineering regulators.

In 1st January 2019, the system was developed and validated from the APEGS membership in the Annual Meeting held on May 2018.

It is appropriate for all the national and international graduated engineers-in-training applicants of APEGS. An option is provided from the candidates for reviewing the experience via confirmatory assessments. Other credentials needed for the candidates like one year in Canadian or parallel environment, experiences in pre-grad, and four years as engineers-in-training. This included all other candidates which are present in the engineers-in-training position in a Canadian environment.

It is a reminder to all the candidates that CBA relied on the geosciences experience which is still under progress. A strategy was prepared for future implementation of the experience field in the CBA.

The online system for Engineers and Geoscientists is available for British Columbia’s for recording, assessing, and validating engineering work experience and it allows applicants for identification of how they meet the association’s seven competency categories for professional engineering registration.

  • Engineers-in-training (EITs)
  • Experienced individuals
  • Prospective P.Eng. and Eng.L. applicants
  • Human resources professionals in engineering companies

Competency-Based Assessment Benefits

There are various processes of observing and measuring traits, motivations, potentials, knowledge base and skill level of a candidate. This defines their competencies in the market. CBA allows the candidates to gain a market advantage over their peers. The benefits of the CBA system are:

  • Candidates quantitative analysis execution for the candidates using a specific measuring method. This method is an integral approach for the present APEGS experience.
  • Explicit provision description and measurement tool definition work for analyzing the candidate preparation for gaining a license.  
  • Objectified, transparent and consistent analysis of the candidates mainly allows for gaining confidence along with the employers, assessors, and validates in the Experience Review Committee.

These do not change the engineering experience of the candidates rather it gets elevated by us.

Competency-Based Assessment Framework Details

There are seven elements which are required to fill for completing the APEGS report. We at “APEGS Report” are providing APEGS Report help for completing the below mentioned competency elements:

  • Technical competence [10 competencies]
  • Communication [3 competencies]
  • Project and financial management [5 competencies]
  • Team effectiveness [2 competencies]
  • Professional accountability [6 competencies]
  • Social, economic, environmental and sustainability [5 competencies]
  • Personal continuing professional development (CPD) [3 competencies]

How to Apply for APEGS Report Assessment (APEGSBC)?

It usually takes around 3 months on average for completing the application and getting the outcome for the required points. There is also an appeal process for the one who is not satisfied with the provided outcome.

Initially, an audit is required to made for deciding whether one meeting the standards set by Engineers and Geoscientists BC.

It is important to obtain and explore the opportunities to decide if it specifically meet the know-how prerequisites. There is the meeting required to conduct as an experience audit process component.

APEGS CPD Recording

There is the requirement to report from all APEGS members, except Life Members. This includes members-in-training, licensees, temporary licensees, professional members and those members on a license waiver.

What must members report?

Members are required to report:
• The complete credits which are obtained in each of the defined six CPD activity categories;
• that the completion of the verifiable ethics training for the year;
• their practice scope.

Where do members report?

Members must report their CPD activities online through APEGS Central. Please refer to the screen shot map in The Professional Edge. Do not send any documents to APEGS unless requested to do so.

When must members report?

Reporting is specifically relied on the calendar year. Members are required to enter data online throughout the year as credits are obtained, if they desire. There is the deadline each year which is Jan31 following the reporting year.

Why Members are Required to Report?

It is adequate for the members for reporting the CPD activities to APEGS and it result in APEGS for tracking compliance with the CPD Program. APEGS is required to assure stakeholders including the government or the public that as a self-regulated profession, the association is executing what it can for ensuring members remain competent.
This result to align with the objects (a) and (c) of the section 5 of The Engineering and Geoscience Professions Act. Additionally, personally as a tracking, professional and reporting the CPD activities assist in aiding towards the personal growth. This also help in identifying and planning for the professional development requirements.

APEGS Report is mandatory for the candidates to obtain Professional Practice and finishing the Geoscience Practice in BC Online Seminar as well as Professional Engineering. It works in addition to satisfy the Competency for English Dialectal and Good Character prerequisites.

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