Professional Practice Exam (NPPE)

Before you Apply

There are few steps which an applicant needs to fulfill before applying for Professional Practice Exam. These are:

  • You should be a member of an Engineering/Geoscience Licensee applicant who has received permission to write the exam.
  • CPD recording compliance is mandatory for the members for previous year.

Please note that the grade required to pass the exam is 65%.

How to Register

  1. Complete the Exam Registration Form to register for the exam and seminar.

Exam Study Material

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2021/2022 Exam Administration Dates

The 2021 administration dates are listed underneath:


The 2022 administration dates are listed underneath:


Examination Format

  1. Professionalism ( 7 – 10 Questions)
  2. Ethics (17 – 21 Questions)
  3. Professional Practice (27 – 32 Questions)
  4. Law for Professional Practice (23 – 28 Questions)
  5. Professional Law (7 – 10 Questions)
  6. Regulation of Members & Discipline Processes (7 – 10 Questions)

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Exam Fees

Each participating association paid the examination fees. It is advisable to contact your provincial association, or visit the association website for finding out more information on National Professional Practice Exam pricing in your specified jurisdiction. For Alberta APEGA applicants the NPPE fees are listed on the APEGA website.

Exam Scoring and Results

The National Professional Practice Exam specifically conforms to the defined standards for pschometrically defensible higher stakes testing as outlined in the “Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing”.

The examination of NPPE is a criterion-referenced exam and thus, only pass/fail results will be reported. You will not receive detailed score information if you passed the exam.

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