Work Experience Report (APEGS) Submission Cut off Dates

Before each committee meeting, the Experience Review Committee receives reports and cut-off dates are announced for experience reports receipt for upcoming committee meetings dates. These are shown accordingly. The APEGS Canada recommended to get the reports submitted at least one week before the cut-off date. This the reason in case if any problems noted with the report, then there is the chance it can be sorted before reaching to the cut off date.

For online CBA reports cut-off dates, there is the submission done which was needed to be completely validated from the cut-off date shown below, and for appropriate paper-based reported, there should be no issues with the report which is required to be presented to the committee. However, these dates are subject to change:

Source: APEGS.CA

APEGS report mainly consist of 34 competency elements and these are required to complete for getting the successful approval from APEGS Canada.

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